During the mid 60's a bunch of new doctrines appeared in the world, specially in the United States. Some influenced by eastern philosophies, others by socialism, no matter what, there was a belief for everyone. Venerated leaders where something like rockstars, and their followers where capable of killing, carrying out crimes or even commit suicide, if their messiah said so. On our minds, the Manson Family murders and the tragic ending of Jonestown. Surely, two of the most infamous events of all this trend. Of course, not everything was so sinister, but bizarre things can happen when you blend megalomaniac sociopaths, drugs (lots of), mysticism and dazed youngsters.
Under the Cult is a short collection of songs and sounds around that orbit. A time of Christian folk songwriters, chatterbox new age gurus driving Rolls Royce and a psychedelic band selling home recorded jams in a spiritual vegeterian restaurant. An exciting, but confusing moment in anglosphere culture.